Signature Style & Love of Design

Roxanne’s sense of style is evident in all that she touches. She absolutely adores the process of designing a home, however her desire is not to put her fingerprint on her clients homes. In fact, when you look through the photographs on her portfolio link take note that the look of each home is incredibly different. The reason is because no two of her clients has the same lifestyle, travel treasures to display and memories.
She takes great time in becoming a student of her clients, not only listening to them, but hearing what they say. After all, designing other peoples homes is about them, not her.

Home Design

Her parents home, her grandparents home, or their boat, the lake… and always around the family table. All of these precious life lessons, encouragement, laughter, and fun were exchanged at the always beautifully set family table! Privileged? Yes, but not in the way you would automatically think…
Roxanne feels this privilege was the gift of listening to these hard-working men, and women (those women, my mother and grandmother, had their backs! You know the quote, behind every great man stands a great woman!) was her heritage. This is where she gets her inspiration… the desire to set the stage for others to pass their heritage down through the generations. Her mission is to use design to help other families set the stage to instill their family legacies around the table, be it farmhouse, dining or picnic table… this is Roxanne’s dream.