Yacht & Airstream

There is nothing quite like spending a day on a yacht! Whether on the water with the soothing waves lulling you to sleep or on a “Land Yacht” – an old nickname for the iconic airstream – designing for small spaces requires creativity, ingenuity, and a special sort of craftiness. In these small but elegant spaces, creating a plan for everything to be both attractive and functional is key. 

These photographs taken in the Newport Harbor, by Mark Lohman, capture the essence of Sunset & Magnolia’s “less is more” philosophy for designing small spaces. The beautiful boat Breanna boasts elegant teak railings, classic chrome, and lots of windows. All of these require tremendous upkeep, so we focused on fabrics that were durable and low maintenance. The Sunbrella fabrics we used are scrubbable, fade proof, and waterproof  – as well as beautiful! Whether headed to Mexico or Canada, rough seas often mean everything ends up soaked with salt water. All of these items were designed to handle the water, and the wear and tear of hundreds of guests over years, from summer outings to the Christmas boat parade season of cocktails, h’ordeuvres, and plenty of kids. Lastly, every space must serve at least two purposes. Here, the seating/sleeping areas open for storage, whether it be drawers or hinged coverings, and many cabinet doors have mirrors, as much to reflect as to enlarge the space.