Me and Designing: Why I do it

Hello & Welcome to my new website & blog: Gracious Spaces. I love designing and that is why I do it, plain and simple.

I love everything about designing interiors, no matter what kind, because I love envisioning places where people enjoy being. I want my clients’ spaces to work for them and make them effective in what they do and what their life’s work (and play) is. After being in this business about twenty years – transitioning from fashion design- I know what works, how to make the process easy for my clients, and how to make a spectacular space. I have an amazing assistant, Judy, who also has amazing taste. She and I have worked together for about ten years and she was my sweet friend from a charity group, for years before that. She’s methodical, detailed and an excellent partner in design.

My mom, Linda, is certainly where I get my design talent and truth be told she’s way more talented than I am! I’d hire her, but I couldn’t afford her! Thankfully, since she’s a great mom who loves design as much as I do, she helps me all the time. She is an expert at arranging bookcases, finding accessories, and creating some of the most inspired displays I’ve ever seen. She sometimes will head out to a job site with me to brainstorm, and helps with installation day as well. She is never afraid to tell me to “move something”!

I couldn’t love anything more (except for God and my family, friends and Samson) than spending my days getting to know a client’s taste and making their dreams come true, in terms of a useful and beautiful space.

Best to you all,