Judy Samsky
Studio Manager 

For 15 years, Judy has been making everything easy…for our clients, our vendors, our team of builders and tradespeople (and for Roxanne!) Wondering who she is?  Look for the person with a notebook in one hand and a pen in the other who’s getting all the details down, and getting them all down right. If things need to be done in the moment, look for the person who’ll drop everything, go, and give it her personal touch. The person you’ll see will always be Judy. 

Judy’s health and wellness background offers her a unique perspective on client relations. Whether she’s doing our ordering and its follow-up, or being our liaison with manufacturers and our showrooms, Judy somehow manages to do everything with style, grace, humor and kindness.  

Mackenzie Sussex
Public Relations and Design

Mackenzie Sussex is a UCLA graduate, who has worked for both global marketing teams at the Estee Lauder Companies and an interior design studio in Santa Monica. Recently married, her husband is thrilled to come home to new pillows or accessories (well most days!). Her love of antiques and creating a welcoming environment pair wonderfully with her marketing skillset to support the Sunset and Magnolia team. 


At Sunset & Magnolia, “Team” is synonymous with “Relationship.” And so, it includes our vendors and manufacturers, our contractors, sub-contractors and installers (many of whom we’ve been working with for 25 years.) It also includes our wallpaperer and upholsterer, our tile, drapery and art installers, our metalsmiths, and our faux painter, who is also a fine artist. And today, after so many years, it also includes many of their children.

We’re grateful to their loyalty, to the mutual appreciation of craft we all share, and to their work that is never just well done, that’s always done beautifully and with excellence.