Legacy into New Business

“It’s around the dining tables that lives are lived, and memories are made”  Allan Adler

For Roxanne, the influence of her family’s silversmithing business took the form of interior design. Her love of crafting homes whose welcoming atmospheres are the places to dream and seek peace, as well as places for prayer and to speak life. But she wasn’t the only one whose connection to the “family business” led to a meaningful career. Her cousin Dan Parsel did too. For Dan, the pull of the generations before him led him become a silversmith. Though he’d probably say building race cars is his first passion, we’d say his gift as a silversmith reveals a powerful additional passion.

Today, they’re combining their shared history and talents to create a line of silver called, “The Classic Collection.”  Linking companies together, Roxanne and Dan can make silver products more easily available. And using the same forms, molds, and equipment that their grandfathers did for many generations, they endeavor to bring back graciousness…one place-setting at a time.  

From Roxanne and Dan

We’re inspired… to bring a fresh, 2022 perspective to silver.

We’re thrilled…to make silver relevant to a whole new generation.

We’re looking forward…to handcrafting beautiful flatware, candlesticks, bowls and tea services that set the stage for conversations to thrive. 

We’re honored…to be working with the gifted craftspeople making the beautiful pieces we’re offering.

We’re equal parts proud and delighted…to share our family heritage with you—and for our heritage to live in your home and become your heritage.