British Colonial

Palm Trees swaying in the wind, white shutters casting striped shadows on dark hardwood floors, and ceiling fans slowly rotating overhead all combine to evoke a relaxed island feel, where time stands still. Typically showcasing bright white walls, dark hardwood floors, dark wood windows, and louvered shutters, British Colonial style is romantic, yet simultaneously fresh and classic. Fabrics tend toward light gauzy whites draped on bamboo rods, yet soft English florals are also quite appropriate as are dark plaids. The epitome of a style where many types of furniture combine to create a curated look, British Colonial is a wonderful choice for those who have collected a seemingly eclectic grouping of pieces. Travel treasures such as silver picture frames, rattan and dark woods,  hides as carpets, antique laces, leather and wicker luggage, leather books, wide-brimmed travel hats, leather riding boots, and of course the iconic steamer chairs all combine to create a curated look. A classic bar with beautiful crystal decanters, classic liquors and fresh white flowers is a frequent feature in these homes. Palm trees, tropical flowers, and ferns often enhance the entryway, while hurricanes, silver candle holders, and a classic silver tea set adorn the dark wood tabletops within British Colonial homes. 

Ralph Lauren designs a classic line of British Colonial Furnishings inspired by his love of Jamaica. His iconic design of Round Hill Hotel is a stunning example of this style. Lexington Furniture also has a line of Tommy Bahama furniture that evokes this classic style with a bit of a Hawaiian or island flair. British Colonial is also referred to as Balinese, Cape Lodge, Cape town, Safari, or British West Indies style, each of which is a slight twist on this classic style.