Mountain & Lake

Whether you are celebrating lazy days at the lake or evenings nestled inside during a heavy snow, retreat design has never been more fun! Whether a traditional Cowboys & Indian themed home, a rustic Santa Fe Style, or a 1940’s Lake Arrowhead home with classic wood floors and beamed ceilings, a retreat home is the perfect place to get inspired to do something unique.

For the fabulous Mammoth Mountain home showcased here, Sunset & Magnolia commissioned a talented native American beader to bead the leather that would become the back of the sofa. More exquisite than we imagined, it became the focal point when entering this spectacular home. This client became a favorite. Because she wanted unique and one of a kind pieces, she challenged us to find skilled craftsman all over the country. We had to think outside of the box, collaborating and creating some of the most unique pieces with some of the most talented artisans in the U.S.  We designed a built in bookcase in a tiny bedroom that became the media room, with a built in handmade sofa with leather seats. We upholstered the walls with suede, using artifacts as the center of each wall to create a truly unique design. The bookcase was inlaid with a variety of woods and stained to create the most beautiful piece we’ve ever seen in a mountain home. We had lots of fun creating mirrors with colored leathers, and hand carved frames and artwork for each room, and placing them along with priceless antiques to assure the look was neither new or staged. 

Whether it be relaxed and neutral style or a one of kind respite, creating your mountain or lake retreat home should be a delightful and memorable experience.