Selecting Fabrics

Fabrics are far and away my favorite thing and the item I will always splurge on. I always advise my clients that everything cannot be the most spectacular thing in the room, and I happen to think fabrics are the key elements. Don’t get me wrong, furniture and art are very important and if a client has special art then I start with that as the inspiration and move next to the fabric. I always head to the design center first, so I can get a fresh perspective on what’s new and hit all my favorite showrooms.

As I have traveled, I have collected fabrics from all over the world and I have encouraged my clients to do the same. These fabrics can be used for all kinds of purposes. A treasured pillow I still have was made from material I bought in Los Angles for a skirt that I thought I’d make for design school. I couldn’t bear to cut it up then, so I saved it, and made it into pillows. There are a myriad of uses for small pieces, so I have clients lay them all out at the outset and see if we can incorporate their favorites.