Family Home

I love, love, love the home! Envisioning and designing the home is my favorite thing to do!

There is just nothing like home.  Just as I loved my home growing up, just as I treasured the times in my grandparents’ homes, I now love having my own home from which to entertain, relax, and form lifelong memories.  Yet, the homes I have most loved have also been very different from each other. What did they hold in common? Along with housing some of my very favorite people, they all have exuded warmth and welcome. So many precious life lessons, encouragement, laughter, and fun were shared around an always beautifully set family table!

I love everything about home: designing it, spending time in it, entertaining in it – everything related to home! Our first real home was as newlyweds, stationed overseas in Southern Spain, where I quickly learned to turn a house into a home on a very tight (non-existent!) budget. As I share my favorite ideas from my own home and my clients’ homes, I promise to also share some of those creative, cost-effective ideas I first discovered long ago. This blog will be filled with inspiring home design ideas, both the extraordinary and the very attainable.

I hope you will be inspired by the ideas you find in this blog! They flow directly from my heart and home to yours.